Company background

Ncamiso was founded and incorporated in South Africa in 2008. Founder and MD, Mr. Fikile Mashinini has been in the mining game for over 20 years and has extensive knowledge and experience in alternative mining solutions. On the path of several collaborations, Mr. Mashinini had a vision to start Ncamiso Mining.


From humble beginnings, Ncamiso was initially involved solely in the transportation of raw materials and supplies. As Mr. Mashinini identified opportunities, the company evolved and currently mines, excavates, handles and transports close to a million tons of raw materials per annum.


With nearly 10 years in operation and boasting strong partnerships within the mining industry, Ncamiso has established itself as a game changer. As a company, Ncamiso is committed to providing sustainable solutions to the mining industry. They aim to show their clients added value in every project and pride themselves on their niche service offering that brings insight, passion, unique and innovative solutions to maximise profits for their clients.


We aim to be the leading provider of innovative alternative mining solutions and land rehabilitation.


We provide our customers with unique, effective and profitable solutions.
We are performance driven while always staying committed to safety, social and environmental responsibility and operational excellence.
We strive to generate long lasting value and wealth through responsible mining – for our owners, our partners, our employees, and the communities we operate in.


Our values are the cornerstone of expectation for all our staff, how they treat people we work with, how they treat each other,
customers, suppliers, partners and the communities they operate in.
Our shared values define what we stand for as an organisation and inform our actions and our behaviour. We strive to embody these values through all facets of our business.

INTEGRITY: We are HONEST in our dealings with each other and third parties.

PERFORMANCE:  We are results driven and strive for EXCELLENCE in everything we do.

RESPECT:  We treat all our employees, clients and partners, the communities in which we operate, and the environment with respect.

RESPONSIBILITY:  We are ACCOUNTABLE for our actions, as staff and as a company as a whole.

TRANSPARENCY:  We are OPEN in all we say and do.


At the core of our business, our main aim is to contribute to the sustainable growth and upliftment of the communities we work in. We are passionate and dedicated to making a difference. We believe keeping this sentiment at the heart of our business will result in building and growing the business in the right way.


Fikile Mashinini


Our founder and managing director Mr Fikile Mashinini is passionate about his business and is known for his incredible instinct and intuition within the mining industry.


Fikile has an extensive mining background boasting a Bachelor of Social Science (University of CapeTown); a Marketing Diploma (Executive Education); a diploma in Environmental Policy Management in Mining & Minerals (University of Witwatersrand); and a diploma in Management in Mining and Minerals (University of Witwatersrand).


Having sat on various mining boards, Fikile brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in licensing, legislation, minerals extraction and recovery to the Ncamiso business.


As Ncamiso’s founder, Fikile runs his business with humility, fairness, honesty and respect. He is hugely valued for his easy management style and approachability. He is valued and appreciated by his staff as he prides himself on his laissez-faire leadership style, growing each of his employees, mentoring them, giving space for errors and corrections and ultimately maximising their potential.


Fikile believes that the core and main aim of the business is to contribute to the sustainable growth and upliftment of the communities Ncamiso works in. He is passionate and dedicated to making a difference and believes that keeping that sentiment at the heart of the business will result in building and growing the business in the right way

Tshego Motsoenyane


Miss Tshego Motsoenyane is a bright, vivacious COO, who brings an energetic, enthusiastic and laissez-faire management style to the Ncamiso business. Tshego holds a B.SC in Environmental Geology from the University of the Free State; as well as a Diploma from Damelin in Basic Management including several short courses in post mine impact rehabilitation. She is also a member of LaRSSA- The Land Rehabilitation Society of Southern Africa. Before taking her post at Ncamiso, Tshego worked at the Council for Geoscience for 2 years on a project called Derelict and Ownerless mines.


The project was given to the CGS by the DMR to locate previously mined areas that could be ear-marked for rehabilitation. This project was instrumental in shaping her contribution to the operations at Ncamiso as it had equipped her with the necessary skills and knowledge to run the company’s operations.


Tshego is a valuable asset to the Ncamiso business for her abilities, dedication and forward thinking approach. As an environmental geologist in addition to her COO role, she prides herself on making sure that Ncamiso gets recognition for the outstanding environmental rehabilitation that they do. She is striving to achieve environmentally friendly and sustainable macro-scale gold mining, maintaining the integrity of all operations throughout the Ncamiso business.


She aims to achieve this by minimizing the impact of mining on the environment as well as contributing meaningfully towards the livelihood of the communities in which Ncamiso work. Employing bread-winners, and providing business opportunities to the SMME’s forms a big part of this vision.

Ncamiso Dlamini


Mr Ncamiso Dlamini, after who the business is named, brings the biggest smile and loads of enthusiasm to the Ncamiso operation. He is known for his approachability, fair and relaxed leadership style. Ncamiso runs the Pan African Resources Evander project based in Nigel with resilience and efficiency.


Ncamiso is currently studying Project Management at UNISA, as well as Marketing Management at Rosebank College. He holds a Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety from Habibi Safety Solutions.


Growing up with a father in the mining industry, Ncamiso’s passion and curiosity for mining was sparked from early days and inspired him to follow in his father’s footsteps and join the family business.


Ncamiso brings personality and life to the Ncamiso operations and prides himself on fostering good relationships with all his clients, colleagues and contractors. He has ambitious goals for the business and wants to see the company grow and explore opportunities in coal and other high worth commodities.

Thabang Masuku


With over 15 years of experience in mineral processing and mining, Thabang plays a pivotal role in Ncamiso’s operations. He is a member of the Metallurgy and Exploration Groups Society of Mining and a passionate metallurgist that the business relies heavily on for his skills and knowledge.


Thabang is highly educated with a B-tech in Extractive Metallurgy from Tshwane University of Technology; a National Diploma in Chemical Engineering from the University of Johannesburg; a New Managers Programme Diploma from the University of Cape Town (Graduate School of Business) and a Leadership Programme Diploma from the University of Johannesburg.


On a day to day basis, Thabang Conducts feasibility studies in assessing viability of different projects; Compile business case studies to initiate agreements with client and Conducts investigations and research on value add projects. He monitors and rectifies standard deviation and enforces compliance to code of practice with the ultimate goal of Ncamiso becoming profitable by providing sustainable, viable solutions to other operations.