We currently have mining operations in Barbeton, Swaziland and the Northern Cape, where we have formed joint ventures in mining semi-precious gems.


The Barberton green belt where we mine in a joint venture with Gubavu is a rich and unique source of greenstone in its various shades of green. Greenstone consists of three types of stone, namely buddstone, verdite and corundum and it is highly sought after by Asian markets.





The Barbetron green belt extends into Swaziland, where we have formed a second joint venture in mining the richly sought after, Swazi green. The green belt in Swaziland is one of the oldest and best pre-served volcano-sedimentary successions not only in South Africa, but in the entire world.






We currently mine Tiger’s eye, a well-known member of the quartz family in the Northern Cape Region of South Africa. Tiger’s eye is known for its beautiful shades of honey, rich yellow and golden brown strips and is also strongly exported into the Asian markets.